miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011

Last night

Last night I had a dream. 

I was visiting a house, an old gloomy creepy house. As all grimy houses, it has a well and I went to check whether there was water or not. I was standing only on my toes when a hand came from nowhere and pushed me inside. I fell.

I turned around in the air and looked up, just to see a shrinking circle of light and a head running away. I was falling, faster and faster. I tried to use the walls to slow down, but they were so slippy I sped up instead. I tried to shout for help but the moss got inside my asthmatic lungs and I started coughing. I kept falling. I felt wet in my face and I realize I was crying. I turned again looking for the water (or the mud) at the end of my fall but it was so dark I couldn't see anything. I embraced myself, closed my eyes and waited for the end.

Suddenly something grabbed my shirt and I stopped falling. I look at it and I saw it was a hand... no, not one, several hands were holding me, saving me. A friendly voice said from the distance: "We've got you, while we're here you won't fall". I smiled and relaxed.

Then I woke up.

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