sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013

Connecting flights

Arriving time: 18:00
Connection flight boarding time: 18:45 (actual departure time: 19:20)
Next connection: Tomorrow

In the last part of the plane, as usual, waiting for everybody to get out. Come on... get out.
- I'm missing a connection, could you please...?
- Me too.
 Crap! Come on, people, get out!!

Finally out, I run to the passport control. More people. Come on! Move!!
- I'm missing a connection, can I skip it or get my luggage rechecked faster or something like that?
- Take that lane, but you have to take your luggage.
Yes!! Let's run.

The baggage claim area is packed. The luggage gets out from a different place. Great! Another piece, another one... come on!! Where the heck is mine?!

There it is. Now run!! Queue to get out from the baggage claim (of course). Come on!! Now, where is the re-check.... there! Run!!
- Hi, my flight is leaving soon and I need to recheck this.
- Yes ma'am. When is your flight leaving? Your boarding card, please. Wait here.
Come on!! Come on!!!
- Ma'am, there's no way you can make it. Sorry. Go to the re-scheduling, please. Next!

What am I doing in the re-scheduling while my flight is still here? I have to try something, anything! Run with the luggage... not feasible. Should I try again? Why not? That woman seems to be more comprehensive...
- Excuse me, ma'am. My connection is leaving soon. Do I drop my luggage here?
- Your boarding card, please. I'll check if your flight is delayed.
No, again no, please please take the stupid luggage and let me go!
- Ma'am, you need to run, really really run. Take the first left, then up to the shuttle. Change to terminal 2. Gate C67.
- Thank you SO much!!
Run!! Come on!! The inhalator is in the bag, you can use it later.

Waiting for the shuttle to Terminal 2. I can make it, just let me run.
- ¿Esperando al shuttle?
- Sí, tengo una conexión super ajustada... de hecho tendría que estar embarcando ya.
- Ahí está el shuttle, seguro que llegas.
Come on! Driver, ruuuun!!

- Terminal 2. Gates C60 to...
I jump out of the shuttle. Run, silly!! Run!!

C66.... Almost there.
- Please passengers going to San Antonio, please proceed to gate C67. We are going to start the boarding process.
YES!! I made it.

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alayma dijo...

If you arrived in the first call...you still had plenty of time :P. Btw, the gym works ;)

Elizabeth dijo...

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