jueves, 25 de agosto de 2011

When I cannot sleep

When I cannot sleep I close my eyes and imagine an alternative world. How would be my life if... 
  • ... I sang well and a talent hunter had discover me? Famous and terrible rich.
  • ... a magic portal were hidden in my wardrobe? Although instead of going to Narnia I would travel to Discworld and have coffee with Mort.
  • ... I could teleport and sleep everynight with you?
  • ... I were a vampire... a proper one, with violence, blood, and no sparckling skin?
  • ... I were the pilot of a interstellar ship? Discovering new worlds and fighting against space pirates.
  • ... I were a pirate. sailing, robbing, raping and killing.
  • ... I were 5 years younger and my knees were ok.
Sometimes they are only a few flashes. But many times it evolves. My imagination takes control and a whole new me is invented. I usually fall asleep and forget everything about it. But very rarely I fall asleep and I dream the whole night about this alternative reality... what if this were just another dream?

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