jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2011

Under a star-filled sky

It was a quiet night, the kind of night you can only achieve by travelling far from anything else. Those nights are so weird in our world full of noise and light, but not there. All the streetlights were off; all the cars, far; only the stars remained.
I breathed in the chilly breeze and hold it a few seconds before breathing out. It felt so good. I covered myself with the blanked and stared at the sky, enjoying the view, waiting for a shooting star.
"This is life" said a voice coming from my right.
"Yes, it's perfect" said another voice from a bit farther.
I smiled and raised my beer.
"For many nights like this". A chorus of yes and glasses joined my toast. 
Then I saw it, a star running through the sky. I closed my eyes and wished the only thing missing, you.

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