lunes, 2 de febrero de 2009

Niagara Falls

The bus turns left and I see it: the biggest wall of water I’ve ever seen, the Niagara Falls. Amazing is the first word that comes to my mind, the next one is unbelievable.

I pick up my camera and I try to find a good shot... but there are so many! I walk to the balcony so I can feel the water vapour in my face. That is a picture that will be in my memory for ever.

We go to the boat that sails us "under the Niagara Falls". The water roars due to the more than "50 meters" of free fall. The sound is stunning and my coat’s wet even inside, but it’s worth it. Finally the boat stops so close to the waterfalls that I think that I can touch them if I’m brave enough to do so... but I’m not.

Niagara Falls

3 comentarios:

Athenea dijo...

I enjoyed too much at reading your story because i'm going to victoria falls this year and probably i'm going to have similar feelings .. amazing!! :D

Ferguson dijo...

Pa mí que esto es un ejercicio de tus clases de inglés, me equivoco? ;)

Miauz dijo...

Jejejeje, sí, son los deberes de inglés xD